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Biotin Requirements For Dogs

I have been looking at helping my dog’s health with some supplements like biotin. Have you considered this? There are some great benefits for your dog:

Can I Give My Dog Biotin? your dog some Biotin, also known as vitamin-H, seems like a good idea. It’s known to be a safe way to promote good health in a number of areas, most noticeably for hair. In your dog’s case it means their fur coat may see some improvement. Can I Give My Dog Biotin?

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Best Meat Grinder For Making Cat Food

I have to preface by saying that no, I would never use a meat grinder that I would use to grind meat for myself to make cat food. LOL! However, I am looking for the best meat grinder for cat food. I think that making our own at home for my cat should make him a lot healthier. Here is a great video that explains some of how to do it.

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My Cat Has It So Good!

I’m looking at home right now….sleeping. There are other animals out there working every day to try to survive, looking for food, dodging bullets from safari hunting, sleeping outside. My cat has a bed, food, water, love…..he’s got it made! LOL!

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Choosing The Right Pet Sitter

There are a couple of essential pieces to ask for if you are employing a pet sitting service. Request the sitter for a company permit. Most professionals will undoubtedly be filed within the state and additionally with the city in which they work and live. All professional services have to be bonded and ensured to take care of your creatures.

The service should also give a contract that is legally binding and that expressly summarizes their terms of service. This safeguards your pet as well as you, along with the pet sitter. Be careful in the event the pet sitter doesn’t need a contract, this might mean they are not liable for anything that could occur while you’re gone.

Consistently use your best judgment in regards to choosing the service. Request references if something looks fishy before hiring a firm and do your homework. After all, what’s using going on holiday if you’re worrying about your pet the whole time you’re gone?

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Pet Friendly Landscaping

© Copyright: Justin Beckley Photography | | Pet | Dog | Cat Photographer in Devon

If a dog is owned by you, your garden will end up portion of their domain name. Other garden components, and plants, landscaping should be planned to coincide by means of your dog’s lifestyle, customs, and strain.

Let us face it, plants and dogs do not always combine. Yet, other plants might be poisonous to dogs if they can be exceptionally inquisitive or a chewer.

For this reason, you will need to organize your garden by means of your pet in your mind. But it is a good idea to take into account their customs when planning your Dallas landscaping. There are many landscaping as well as lovely plants which will resist your pet’s day-to-day actions.

Generally, you need to plan for ground cover which will take a dog as well as hardy plants. Dogs must be outside, not only for removal but for clean air, play, and exercise. It’s vital that you select the best type of layout and garden plants to adapt their instinctual behaviour.

Selecting Plants To maintain Your Garden as well as Your Dog Joyful

The very first element would be to think about your own dog’s behaviour and patterns while some of your preparation may require trial and error. Do they enjoy to run? Like? Is their style more laid back or rough and tumble? Decipher wherever your dog enjoys to run and frolic; that is where you would like to put your most sturdy flowers and shrubs.

Woody shrubs like burning bush and red twig dogwood are just two excellent alternatives. These are just about the most sturdy plants approximately, and they’re good looking also! It’s possible for you to use them to disguise attractive regions of your outside living space, like alternative unsightly structures or utility boxes.

With regard to blooms, we urge columbine and honeysuckle. But generally, select varieties that are native, since they have proven hardy through recent years.

Other Thoughts

Hardy vines are another great thought for dog friendly landscaping. Not only do they attract on the eyes up, thus developing an awareness of depth and height, however they’re bouncy and versatile.

Clematis and honeysuckle are just two excellent alternatives. They are pleasing and grow quickly.

Eventually, contemplate adding ground covers that are permanent like Labrador violet or Irish moss.

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Barn Door Style Pet Gate


This is a neat way to use kind of a barn door style gate to keep your pets either in or out.  Of course, your pets may find a way over it but I love the idea just the same!  I have one in my entryway to my garage – keep the dogs from getting outside through my garage door.

But, as we’ve attempted to add inexpensive character to our very boring builder basic home, we’ve found that palette wood can actually look like much more expensive re-claimed wood when done correctly! Our Palette Wood Baby & Pet Gate. We love the character that this gate adds to our house. The little reason we need this gate made his way up the steps while we were taking pictures : ) The nice part is that his older sisters (2 1/2 and 4) can still get through it when they need to.

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Awesome and Best Cat Tree Design DIY


What a cool cat tree idea!  Love this!  I just might have to go in the forest behind my house and find a similar piece of wood to try the same thing. Take a look at!

We put out heads together and thought, what if the cat tree was made from a real tree?And that was it. Every hike from there on out we were eyeing trees and debating on what would look the most artistic. Junipers, on the other hand, grow like weeds in the high desert.

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Supplements For Your Pets


Lately, I have been researching different supplements that I can offer my dog and cat.  Sounds funny, but there are actually some good supplements out there for your pet’s heath.  Take a look at things like pet Pine Bark and Essiac for pets from

After reading the BARF Diet and researching the ideal diet for dogs, its funny just how many parallels there are between nutrition for dogs and nutrition for humans. This is particularly true when it comes to healthy oils. Consider these parallels: The same refined vegetable oils that cause problems for humans also cause problems for dogs. Just like humans, pets cannot manufacture the essential fatty acids (EFAs), omega-6s and omega-3s and must get them from their diet.

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Dog Spray Using Argan Oil and O


This is neat.  A great recipe for a dog spray (really gets that old wet dog spell out!) using natual ingredients like argan oil, water and vanilla to help with that nasty dog stench! Take a look at for more argan oil info as well as others.

This Minty Vanilla Dog Spray that I keep on hand for my dogs is something I never want to be without. You see, like most dogs, our Golden Retrievers Ranger and Miss Annabelle run and play hard outside which causes them to smell less like theyve been freshly groomed and more like theyve crossed paths with a foul-smelling friend while on their jaunts on the farm. This was in preparation of her being spayed and also to rest a strain shed gotten while flipping over a huge planter on my back porch one day.

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